Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This could be interesting

My beloved soul sister C. sent me an email from NZ last night:

"Hello my dear friend,

_____ and I have a special question to ask of you. We would be honoured if you would read a psalm or poem for us during the wedding ceremony at the church. Please consider this and let me know by tomorrow, if you can. Love you lots!

My reply was: "What poem would you like me to read?



This morning I got back:  "Well, that's a good question!  It could be something you have written (goodness knows i love your writing- and you have a lot of it!)   or it could be a Psalms about Love is Patient, Love is kind... I have also asked my brother to read something, as well as ______'s godmother. I don't know how many Psalms are nice enough to read, so I thought a personal poem might be nice too.  Does that help?"

So I think that Ellen would appreciate this one... it's ideal for a comfort zone challenge!

#1 - I either need to write a suitable poem or find one by someone famous.
#2 - I will read it, in a church, in front of X amount of people with my only knowing a handful of them.


But Soul Sister C. and I have been friends since a month before she turned 11 and I turned 14.

She and I have the same birthday and, awesomely enough, her fiancee S. and Hubs have the same birthday as each other.  (Though I am older than she is and Hubs is way older than S. is).

Little Man with C and her fiance, S.

When I married Hv1.0 - C. was living in Mexico so I did not ask her to be in my wedding because I didn't think she'd even be able to attend.  To my surprise and delight - she made it to my wedding!

Of course, considering how things worked out over all, it's probably just as well that she wasn't in my bridal party.

When she and S. finally got engaged, I wasn't sure if I would be asked to be a part of the day beyond attending because she has a LOT of friends and many of them are in the same stage of life as she is whereas I'm well into my parenting years, so to speak.

Because of what my weight was and how bad my anxiety was - I felt that if she had asked last year that I would not have been able to do it.

Then I started getting healthier, and I started to wish that she would've asked me, even if she'd figured that I'd have said no - I wished to have the right of first refusal, so to speak.

Little Man just leaned over my shoulder to ask if I blogged about the fact that it's a kid-free wedding (he likes weddings and is peeved that he doesn't get to attend).

So now, I need to come up with something awesome for her special day.

But, you'll see that I have not written any poetry in awhile.


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