Friday, June 24, 2011

I found my missing pedometer!

OK you may recall that I lost my pedometer awhile ago and I was really upset about it.  Well, Baby Girl grabbed the TV remote the other day and dropped it.  The battery backing popped off and it and a battery slid (or rolled as the case may be) under the couch.

So I dragged the couch out and underneath it, back at the wall was my missing pedometer.

This morning after I dropped Little Man off at school, I went straight to the rec centre with Baby Girl to do some walking.

I checked on my last lap and my speed was 3.71 miles/hr.  And I just checked now and I've walked 2.81 miles so far.

I popped Baby Girl into the playpen when I got home so I could go snag a shower because I had major under-boob sweat.  EMBARRASSING amounts of it.  So, of course I had to stretch out my shirt and take a pic in the bathroom mirror to show everyone...

Here it is:

My daily steps just before I got into the shower after the track.

Now, as I stripped down for the shower - I realized that the heart monitor had become partially unhooked - I have no idea how long that happened but the one is in an awkward spot (and needs to be) to be close to my heart and it just snagged by my bras and such.

Grr Arrgh!

Nice thing about heading out to the track this morning was that when I was on lap 5 or 6 I saw my friend, S. So she joined me and we had a really good paced walk the entire time plus good conversation.

I really like her and the more I talk to her, the more I like about her because she's a shoot-from-the hip kind of person. And I like, respect and identify with that sort of thing so it's cool.

I was going to write some more but a phone call derailed my thought process so here's a couple of pics of my kidlets.

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