Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I confess, I've been sulking

Some of my friends have some real life drama going on... my issues seem minor in comparison.

But we've been having issues losing things lately and I am still really upset as I realized last night that my pedometer was gone.

I had it on yesterday when I went out to supervise Son & some friends at the playground (I've got a story about that but I don't know if I feel like typing it out right now) and when I went to get into my PJs last night - when I reached to remove it - I discovered that it was gone.

So that was just under $40 (after taxes) wasted. Hubs said I should buy a new one but frankly, that's not in the budget -- he's still looking for work so money issues are drawing closer and closer to me having a major meltdown.

Add that to Hubs' missing cell phone AND my missing charger for my digital camera lithium battery and that all adds up to a grumpy, pouty ME!

I can't take pictures until I charge the battery and I have NO CLUE where the damn charger is!!!

I am most upset by this, followed by my anger at losing the pedometer.

So there you have it.

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