Friday, June 24, 2011

So pissed off at SYTYCD U.S.

Yeah I am irked to the extreme...

If you watch the show, you'll know that my 2 favourite dancers were sent home, plus another couple that I really enjoyed.


Because of executive producer meddling bullshit.

The Top 20 performance show, there were some weak performances.  America voted and there were 3 couples in the bottom 3 plus one dancer (Mitchell) who was injured and had not been able to perform.

For some ridiculous reason, Nigel decided that NO ONE would go home that week.  Which, essentially him giving America the finger (or the bird) and then he stated that because of the non-decision that 4 people would go home after this week's show.

This week - they still only had the bottom 3 couples (many fans expected to see a bottom 4 of couples) and they were based solely on this week's votes rather than cumulatively (which many fans thought would be most fair - add up the votes from wk 1 and wk 2 and pick the bottom couples from THAT).

The bottom 3 couples were Ryan/Ricky, Nick/Iveta and Missy/Wadi.

Ryan had an atrocious solo - has been inappropriately smiling during her performances and has no chemistry with her partner.  She is also one of MANY contemporary dancing females in this season's show.

Ricky did a great solo, but so did Nick and Ricky is one of a sea of contemporary dancing males.

But, Ryan and Ricky are the ones who stayed.

I Tweeted a lot about it.

I posted on TWOP about it - multiple times.

But I thought I summed it up well with this post:

This is worse than Blake not making Top 4 in S1.
This is worse than Stanislav's early ouster in S2.
This is worse than Mischa Chan staying over Anya; Pasha not making Top 4, Lacey going out 4th and Sabra WINNING S3.
This is worse than Mark not making Top 4 and Katie not winning S4.
This is worse than Janette not making Top 4 in S5.

(Season 6 was the first season where I really started caring less about the show because I wasn't as excited or engaged with the contestants etc...)

This is on par with me - as a fan- as bad as when Alex Wong was eliminated due to injury in Season 7 re: show enjoyment.

This is as bad as Vincent and Lisa not making Top 4 in SYTYCD Canada S1
(I had no major complaints about SYTYCD Canada s2)
This is as bad as Hani's ridiculous early ouster in SYTYCD Canada S3.

Fuck you, Nigel.

You are going to make me HATE contemporary dancers because of over-exposure.

What the FUCK!?!!?!??!!?!??!

I will note that I also forgot to mention in S3 when Jesus was sent home far to early in my opinion as well...

My thought was that all the people who are pissed off should boycott the show next wk.

The ratings have gone downhill over the seasons and I attribute that to:
  1. Nigel's machinations each season 
  2. The fact that the show is VERY contemporary heavy re: contestants
  3. Favoritism and nepotism that goes unacknowledged by the show
I'm just glad I have a new season of SYTYCD Canada to watch!

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