Saturday, June 18, 2011

Monday is the big day

Yep, Hubs starts his job and I go see the cardiologist to get fitted for my event monitor.

I'm really stressing over the whole heart thing (yes, counter-productive as it may be) but I do hope that it all gets sorted and that it will turn out that I'm fine and that there's no real reason for concern.

Tomorrow is Father's Day and that always leaves me with mixed feelings... missing my Dad, but glad that Hubs has one of the kids home with us tomorrow (Baby Girl) and I read the little note that Little Man wrote to Hubs and I thought it was really sweet -- especially since he usually does his school Father's Day things for his Daddy rather than for Hubs (who he calls Dad).

Rhyme Girl has plans for what she wants us to make for Hubs the next wkend that she's with us...


But right now I'm too wrapped up in feeling stressed, having a really lousy period (not that I can say I've ever had a good one) and feeling like I need more out of life but I'm not sure what yet...

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