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TV Talk - SYTYCD U.S. Season 8

Check out this Twitter bit between myself and Nick...

is looking fwd to tonight's ep of #SYTYCD! Can't wait to see who @D8Nick, @D8Iveta, @D8Marko and @D8Melanie are partnered with!
13 hours ago

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Nick Young
@FatAngryBlog not too long before you find out!!
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OK so I was thrilled that my 4 faves were paired together!

My Top 3 fav routines were:

Marko & Melanie statue contemporary ala Travis

Nick & Iveta Quickstep (of doom) ala Jason

Missy & Wadi sexy Pandora's box jazz from Sean Cheeseman

I thought that Tadd out-danced bday girl Jordan and there was just something about how she held and moved her arms for much of the piece that seemed "off" to the dramatic and emotional feel of the routine.

Sasha out-danced and out-performed the hell out of Alexander but I'd forgotten about their routine by the end of the show.

Clarice and Jess got saddled with some lame Tyce Broadway and I found it lackluster at best though 95% of that is on Tyce.  Jess out-danced Clarice.

Ricky & Ryan - lyrical hip-hop?  I can understand it if it were NappyTabs but we know Chris Scott can challenge dancers far more than that... and I HATED that Ryan was grinning throughout the routine.  I was also bored.  And I think Ricky out-danced Ryan but I'm not sure because like I say, I was bored.

Caitlynn & stand-in Robert (since Mitchell was injured) - did anyone else think he got hurt during that bit where she kind of rolled across Mitchell's back in rehearsal?    I thought this one was pretty good but my eyes kept going to Robert.  Sorry Caitlynn.

WOO Guy Robert & Miranda - I'm sorry but there was a lot of sloppy footwork in this Jive and the partnership wasn't jelling well (I thought) plus Robert - stop with the Erkel thing and remember that Twitch did the glasses thing already and with more charm - lose the schtick please.

Missy & Wadi - my first real thrills of the night -- excellent routine, I could feel the connectedness of their partnership and I thought they did an excellent job with a great song and choreographer!

Melanie & Marko - 2 of my 4 favourites, paired together, dancing my favourite style... Travis did a fabulous job with this piece and M&M danced the living hell out of it... my first goosebumps of the season and just such strength and partnering and FEELING!!! Love love love love!

Ashley & Chris - good song, cute idea but it came across rather juvenile by comparison to many of the other performances.  Too cutesy and not enough real emotion came through to me as a viewer, despite what the dancers said in the rehearsal footage.

Nick & Iveta - OK, my other 2 favourite dancers, paired together in the pimp spot of the night -- awesome so far... then, why did "ballroom" become the dreaded Quickstep???  That being said, it was a damn good, fast and entertaining quickstep - though I was hoping they'd have gotten something sexier rather than fun but I loved! 

Here's hoping America did because, as a Canuck, I can't vote.

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