Sunday, October 17, 2010

I had to comment on one of the blogs I am following

A blogger I started reading tells some hard truths in their blog, but I've been interested in waht I've read thus far.

This morning though, I noticed that they blogged about an unnamed blogger. And as I started reading their post, I realized that I also read the post from the blogger that they were quoting.

So I replied.

Hubs wanted to know what I was typing about so I am putting my reply in this post to show him since the blog I commented on has moderated comments so I don't know when my comment will show up.

*Edited 2x to add: my comment was not posted, though subsequent ones have been, and that person no longer follows this blog but did make a subsequent post featuring my reply. I replied to that too but again, I do not know if it will be posted or not.

I am used to copying things before I send them due to years of issues with coms so here's my comment on the original post (not the follow-up post that featured my comment):

I've read the post and I notice you didn't mention that she's dropped 2 dress sizes. She's also over 5 ft 5.

A lot of the weight loss blogs I read have the bloggers utilizing cheat days or cheat meals.

I don't do it that way myself - I decided with my lifestyle change that I can eat anything I want to but with moderation.

I track my food & calories on and I am losing because I am making myself accountable but not making things off-limits because I know from experience that I cannot "diet" but I can make a gradual lifestyle change to make me healthier.

But if it's working for the aforementioned blogger (as well as many other bloggers I've encountered) it's a part of their journey.

Slow changes that lead people in the right direction just mean that the journey may take longer or be slightly different than yours (or of some of the previous people who commented on this post).

Edited to add the reply I wrote on the post about my previous reply:

Yes, eating BK wasn't a good choice. But I am being honest in my blog about what I am doing whether it helps or hinders me.

I've gone through a lot of things in my life where I hid things and it hurt me.

As I go through this journey - I expect to hit highs and lows emotionally and have good days and bad days.

I also expect that my views on how to effectively achieve my goals might evolve and change as well.

And in sorting out all these thoughts and feelings, I expect to hit roadblocks, experience confusion and maybe change my mind or mindset about things as I find what works for me.

I'm OK with that.


  1. Don't even bother talkin about that stupid guy. He just writes half truths on his blog to stir up shit. He is such an a-hole.

  2. Just came across it today and read a bit. It did not take me long to realize that guy is an f-ing moron. He been doing this for five months and he thinks he's an expert.

  3. Are you going to start blogging on your blog? I've added it to my follow list in case you do.

    I find it inspiring that so many people are blogging about their struggle and desire to become healthier.


    I must confess I was surprised you knew the blog I was talking about since I didn't link or even mention the blogger's gender.

    Enough on that though.