Saturday, October 16, 2010

less phlegm!!

And there was much rejoicing...

Hubs and I took the iddle kiddles out for a walk today. 3 km. It was nice.

Got my first professional a pedicure this a.m. with the girls. It was OK but I was a little surprised that it was a guy working on mine.

Chickened out on trying an eyebrow waxing.

Weight: 245.4

I think I am going to go soak in a warm bath with sweet almond bubble bath.

Yes - I feel tired so this entry is disjointed - also, the kids are demanding attention...



  1. I'm following your fat, angry blog because I love the title, I love your post title, I love your voice, and disjointed or not, I read every word! I'll be back!

  2. Thank you :)It's good to hear something nice after my baby has spit up all over me - lol!