Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Got up and got dressed for the track and then I double-checked the closure schedule and it's closed today :(

Guess I'll do some Wii Fit after I drop Little Man at school.  Today, tomorrow and then school's out for Little Man and Rhyme Girl.

We pick up Rhyme Girl on Sunday and she goes back July 16th.

I do have to go pop Hubs' pay cheque in the bank since they don't have direct deposit.  Luckily there is a new bank with a drive-thru bank machine so I don't have to unload Baby Girl just to do some quick banking.

Totally unrelated to anything -- I hate the cover of "I wanna dance with somebody" performed by These Kids Have Crowns.

I've been having an issue with the damn heart monitor... because it's been hot - when I get active, the one nodule or whatever you call the damn thing that is positioned closest to my left breast loosens because of sweat or gets unhooked because I cannot exercise without some form of support.

It's really irritating!

And it makes me worry that I am not getting accurate results.  I wish they'd given me the monitor earlier when it wasn't as hot out because then I'd have been sweating less at least.

Hope everyone else is well!

And here's a pic of our cat that I snapped yesterday...

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