Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I've been busy

But I thought I'd post a quick post so y'all know I'm alive.

I am not happy with Harper's effing Conservatives getting a majority in Canada's federal election (but I am too tired to go into detail about that).

I postponed my personal training sessions after my annual physical today because one of the issues I addressed with my DR was my discomfort and breathing difficulty when exercising.

He thought my description was atypical in regards to my thought that I might require an inhaler/puffer and decided that I need to go in for a cardiac stress test with consulting (there was also an option on the test order sheet for the test without the consult).

My uncle had a heart attack in the past year, my grandfather has had heart issues and I'm not sure if there's any heart issues on my biological paternal side of the family or not.

I had heart surgery when I was 2 weeks old for patent ductus arteriosis.

Needless to say, I'm freaking out a little bit over here.

And, if any of you are curious... when I am exercising, I find it hard to breathe, it feels very tight in my chest and it's like someone with large hands is pushing down on chest while holding a brick against me. 

An extreme heaviness and weight seems to exist and then I can only draw my breath in a very shallow manner.

So I go for the test on May 24th (the day after I return from Calgary).

Right now I feel like I need to stay away from the computer a bit because I want to start googling my symptoms and that generally leads to me scaring the shit out of myself.

Sorry I'm being a bit incommunicado.

Miss you all!

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