Thursday, May 5, 2011

Always consult your DR

Until I have my cardiac stress test, I am walking and doing "normal" things but not over-exerting myself just in case.

Dave was really great about me postponing my first training session until after I have my cardiac stress test and the results and he told me that when I do come in for my first session there is a form I have to fill out about having DR approval to begin the training.

Sometimes we forget to look after ourselves and sometimes we might want something so much that we will disregard any potential consequences.

I am nervous about my upcoming cardiac stress test but it would be far worse if I hadn't mentioned my concerns to my DR because who knows what could have happened?

With the weight I've lost so far, I increased my activity but never talked to my DR about it until Tuesday.

I never even THOUGHT of talking to my DR about it.  Yes, I know - I see those warnings about talking to your DR about any new exercise or meal plan but I didn't think it really mattered but it does matter and it can impact you.

My Mom used to always say, "It's better to be safe than be sorry."

She was right.

This also fits right in with the blog post one of my BFFs, 1G1D1Y wrote earlier today.

Read it.

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