Friday, April 29, 2011

Today would have been my Mom's 81st birthday

She was 42 the year she and my Dad got me as a foster child (and then they adopted me 6 yrs later).

My Mom was also a big fan of the royal family.  OK, not Charles or really any of the males (other than Prince William) but she loved the Queen, the late Queen mother and the late and beloved of the world, Diana.

The fact that Prince William married Kate Middleton today - on what would have been my Mom's birthday, choked me up this morning.

Right now my son is having yet another meltdown upstairs.

I am really frustrated with this.  But again, he was playing video games a bit today and his meltdown was because I decided that he was not going to play additional video games today.

I think I really need to try a visual timer.  No playing until save points, no anything else.  Maybe if he can visually SEE the time he gets to play he'll understand.

Alternatively, I could just say the hell with it - give his father the Game Cube and any games he provided back and then sell the games we bought leaving only the Wii in the house.


All I can say is that this attitude is hard to deal with.  It seems like the medication is helping Son control his impulses at school but then he is having major freak-outs at home after 5 p.m. almost daily.

Had to switch Son's follow-up appointment with the DR to Fri the 6th at 11:00 a.m.

Wondering if there will be any matinees of Thor that day?

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