Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Asking for the guidance of the Universe

As you know, Hubs has been out of work for quite awhile.

His employment insurance ends at the end of April. Then we are screwed financially.

He has been applying for jobs but hasn't had any luck getting a job.

We've talked about his attitude and his moodiness and on him working on putting positivity into the universe so that good things come to him.

It's really getting down to brass tacks here.

Neither of us have ever made a lot of money. I've always worked retail, so even when I worked in FT management positions, I never made as much hourly as he has with his years in car parts or even in his warehouse experience.

As well, I am more in tune with the kids needs, so to speak.

Because we live in geared-to-income housing, we are able to survive with one person working (though it's not like living in luxury by any means).

In the past, when he was out of work and I was still working (albeit part-time) things got pretty stressful between us because of my anxiety and panic plus the fact that Hubs and Son are surprisingly alike in some of their more aggravating personality traits which makes it challenging for them to get along when I am not around.


So, basically, I am opening myself to the Universe in the wish and hope that the answer(s) will appear in a way that cannot be ignored.

That ideal employment will present itself and be taken on ASAP.

That it will all happen for the good of all involved.

Any and all good vibes will be accepted and appreciated.

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