Friday, March 4, 2011

I have mastitis...

Sorry I didn't update after I got back from the DR.

I was feeling like complete and utter crap as well as being irked that 10 freakin' anti-biotic pills cost me $62.32.

Baby Girl is pulling herself up on everything lately and wails if she's confined to a playpen or her bouncer when I have to do unreasonable things like go to the bathroom for instance ;)

Tomorrow is Step-Daughter's bday party which K is letting us have at her house (our place is tiny). S-girl made the cupcakes. I still have more things to chop up re: finger foods but I am taking a moment to post an update.

Son feed Baby Girl some food while I was cutting up the bricks of cheese so he was being very helpful. And I appreciate it.

Tomorrow K, S-girl, Step-Daughter and myself are going for pedicures while the menfolk (and Baby Girl) are at Kung Fu.

It should be fun.

So, what colour polish should I get on my toes?


  1. You poor thing. I heard that is painful and the $$$ - ouch. I'm sure you'll be better soon.

    Colour of toe nails - something bright and flashy.

  2. Bummer about the money for the meds!

    I agree with Darla, something bright and flashy and something that sparkles!!


  3. I love pedi's! I love black polish on my toes or something really bright!

  4. My favorite color is green! Go green for St. Patrick's Day!!

    Sorry about the mastitis. I know how painful that can be. I think us Americans have the wrong idea about what healthcare is like in Canada.....a lot of us have the impression that everything's free up there! LOL!

    Enjoy the party!!!
    Goodbye, Fat Girl!

  5. Ooh! Sorry to hear about that. Hope you're feeling better pronto. As for nail color, I LOVE the deep, deep plum. Looks great (even though my mother says I look like I have zombie feet!) lol

  6. A pic of my toes is up on the new post :>

  7. Argh, i am reading your posts latest first and tryna catch up. Yikes, so sorry to hear you have mastitis. *OUCH* I had it three times when i was feeding my daughter and my god, i have never felt pain like it. I think the worst bit is the way it wipes you out completely.

    I hope those anti-biotics get working soon and have you back at your happy healthy self soon.

    Yuk Yuk Yuk

    Much good wishes being sent your way