Thursday, March 3, 2011

Feels kind of crappy today

Made an appt with my DR for this afternoon because I've had a sore, inflamed breast for a few days.

I think I have a blogged duct or something but I have not been able to alleviate it with warm compresses and feedings so I am going to go in to see if there is something else the DR recommends.

Had a hell of a migraine since around 5 a.m.

All this = bitchy me.

Oh and some tidbits from yesterday... Hubs and I ended up meeting up with S-girl & Jeebus at the mall and we shopped and had lunch with them.

I also had a proper bra measurement/fitting while there. Apparently I am supposed to be wearing a 36 E.

Of course, La Senza doesn't go higher than DD (I'm wearing a 38 DD most of the time because that's a size that I can make work for me).

Just like most of the shoe stores in the mall don't have anything larger than a ladies size 10 (I wear an 11 or 11.5 depending on the style).

It gets a bit disheartening.

And I really need at least one new nursing bra and some new shoes.

Still sitting at 208 - hopefully I'll see another drop by the end of the week...


  1. I hope the doc can help you with some relief.

    A proper bra fitting can be a bit scary - I had one when I was first pregnant and they put me in a full E or an F, it gets expensive when you can't buy them at La Senza.

  2. Ouch...poor booby. Hope you get that fixed up soon. No wonder you're not feeling well.

  3. I feel ya on the bra thing. I wear a 42 G, just down from an H recently. I have not been able to buy bras in a real life store in years. When I was pregnant with kid#1 I went looking for GREAT nursing bras and I found them at and they have regular bras too. The people there are awesome and helpful and I have never had to send a bra I bought from there back. Their prices seem to be decent, too. They're not $10 target specials, but at my size you're not going to find that, you know? All I know is I have always been able to find great fitting, supportive bras without hardware in them (can't stand wires) and that has been my go-to place for bra shopping for 6 years now. Good luck, and I hope you feel better!

  4. Big hugs to you right now. Hopefully the doc can get your girl back to feeling perky.

  5. Never had the boob pains myself, but my friend had a duct infection and said it was WAY worse than giving birth--I hope you aren't at that level. Feel better soon!