Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby Girl loves Katy Perry

Not much to update today...

Was out at the mall for over 2 hrs today. Bought Step-Daughter bday stuff and got myself some creamy body wash and body butter (sensual amber scent) and then I snagged black raspberry vanilla body spray from Bath & Body Works (my 1st time in the store - LOVE IT!)

I did smell some nice lemon verbena hand cream that made me think of Little House and the Prairie (I think it was Ms. Beadle who wore that scent that Laura liked).

And now for something that actually relates to my post title, here's a long video of Baby Girl making happy noises to a Katy Perry song.

And here's an OLD sped-up video of our cat... (not the one in my main photo - he died in 2004)

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  1. I have long believed that anything worth having in life can somehow relate to Little House on the Prairie. After reading this post it is decidedly so! Baby Girl has good taste!