Saturday, March 5, 2011

Today we celebrated Step-Daughter's bday

Here are some pics...

(Oh and I totally threw up at the mani-pedi place, the smells were getting to me and my antibiotics were making me nauseous already...)

Yes, I'm wearing the pink shirt!

Step-daughter is excited!

My toes (Step-daughter picked the colour)

Step-Daughter's toes

Step-Daughter's manicure

This was the remote for the massaging chair

Luckily, K told me how to turn off the seat part of the massaging chair because I felt like I was being violated!!!

It was all like - oh this is really relaxing... then... ACK!!!!


the food

Baby Girl makes her own fun

Step-daughter in new clothes with K. watching

bday cupcakes made by S-girl

Grown-ups snack + beer

We had raw peppers, baby carrots, celery, cucumber slices, cantaloupe, golden delicious apple slices, medium cheddar cheese, marble cheese and Havarti cheese, whole wheat Ritz crackers, whole grain vegetable thins and whole wheat with red pepper and garlic crackers, 1 bag of whole grain Tostitos and 1 bag of plain ripple cut chips with garlic hummus and asiago & artichoke dip.

Son complained about all the healthy choices the entire time but he did eat some apple slices, some baby carrots, some cantaloupe and a couple of slices of yellow pepper.

Baby Girl made some hilarious faces when I gave her a taste of the cheddar - had I anticipated that, I'd have had the camera in video mode so no evidence of the faces which were surprisingly similar to her faces in January when she tried the lemon slice.

Now we are back at home, relaxing.

P.S. weighed in this a.m. (before food and such) - still 208.0 lbs


  1. I feel like an ass for missing it... I just didn't want to infect the whole crew.

    I'll send B there tomorrow for the key so I don't risk getting the kids sick with whatever the heck this is.

    Going to drown my germs in lemon tea and honey now!

  2. You look amazing! :) Cute mani/pedi's too, where did you go?

  3. Nice color!

    I find the camera is never ready for the great faces!

  4. It looks like you guys had fun! It makes me want to run out and get a mani/pedi right now!


  5. Gorgeous - absolutely gorgeous! Looks like everyone had a great time! Happy Birthday to your step daughter!!

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!

  6. Hi, I just found your blog today. Nice party! Hope you can check out my blog, I am on a weight loss journey of my own.

  7. You look lovely (and happy!) and it looks like you had a really good time. So pleased to see you had a party for your step-daughter at your place too- my husband and his girlfriend would never think of doing that for my daughter.

    So nice for me to read about this


    I am

  8. 1G1D1Y - no worries - you are not an ass :>

    Beautymark3d - Nail Trix at Laurelwood Plaza.

    BWaB & Sarah - thank you :>

    Colleen - Thanks! I think Step-Daughter had a pretty good day.

    Kristi - I'll have to check out yours too!

    Lesley - thank you, hon! We did have a good time and we've always had a bday celebration for Step-Daughter here, even if it's not on her actual bday.

    Your daughter's father and his gf ought to be doing that for your girl too!

  9. Looks like a fun birthday! The toes look great :)