Thursday, December 2, 2010

Read a great post

Read a great post by Ann this morning. I know a lot of us are watching our BMIs and are enjoying going down into different category.

I think it was Princess Dieter who wrote sometime in November about celebrating BMI changes as well (though I could be wrong)...

Essentially, I read a lot of very interesting bloggers and sometimes they are all writing about being in a similar emotional place and/or weight.

I find it inspiring and interesting and sometimes I feel like the blog-world can be like a woman's cycle... you know how when you have a group of women who are together a lot and their cycles sync? Well, that's what I think about blogs at times as well.

Many of the people I follow are participating in a challenge by a well-known blogger named, Allan. I am not one of those people but for those that are doing it and seeing successes, good for you!

And for those who are not doing it and/or are not fans of that blog/Blogger - that's fine as well.

I read your blogs because I am interested in what you are writing/doing/feeling/experiencing and not because you are all Gung-ho about a particular approach to weight loss or because you are not a fan of a particular approach.

OK that's it for the moment - I am having my hot water, lemon and honey for my stupid cold now...

One last thing - more like a note to myself...

THIS BOOK sounds interesting. I may have to look for it after Xmas.


  1. I hope to get back on the weight loss track in the new year.

  2. Why wait till January? You can do it today :)

  3. Weight loss is a continuous journey with bumps along the way. Every time I hit a bump, I just pick myself up and continue. We are the only ones that can do it. I find the holidays hard, but am determined not to let it get to me. I do not deprive myself - I only make choices that are better..I had a tiny piece of pie....not the whole pie...and that is an improvement over the way of used to eat. I think you are doing great - dont stress, take one day at a time....good luck.