Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tired today

But am getting together with 1G1D1Y and her bestie, M to do some working out tonight.Of course, I sliced into the top of my left pinky finger today while cutting an avocado to mash up for Baby Girl.

I have a headache and I am tired.

Tomorrow night I have a meeting and our new (cheap) couch and loveseat are supposed to be delivered just before I have to go to my meeting.

Baby Girl has been SUPER CRANKY and full of snot today (seriously, her nose is running like a faucet!)



  1. You are probably on the way to your meeting (this being Thursday), but I just wanted to post and ask how you're doing. I'm excited to see you so close to your December 11th goal weight! You're doing a terrific job!! xx

  2. You've had quite a couple of weeks, it sounds like. I hope everything settles into place for you quickly so that you can get back to familiar routines. New furniture is always so exciting (it happens so rarely around here so it's like adding a new member of the family!) Hope you love it!

  3. This will actually be the first couch and first loveseat that were not hand-me-downs from family.

    Kind of cheesy at my age, but I'm excited!