Friday, December 3, 2010


Today, I complained about my sore leg until I dropped Hubs off at the hospital this morning.

I knew once he was there, my complaining about some bruising from moving the old furniture out yesterday would seem frivolous.

But, here is a nice shot of my bruised leg (knee to hip).

(I was sitting down and snapped the pic that way and you can also see part of the only tattoo I have - my gargoyle).

Here is Hubs, resting on the new couch after his vasectomy and not wanting to be photographed...

And here is Baby Girl, relishing in the fact that - much like the Highlander -- thanks to her Dad's procedure this morning, there will be no more babies of our union so -- there can be only ONE. ;)


  1. Ouch! That bruise looks painful! Your kid is pretty cute, too, by the way. :-)

  2. Yeah, in trying to hold up one end of the old monster couch to angle it so we could get it down two flights of stairs, I dropped it on my leg - twice! :(

    And thank you re: Baby Girl - I think she's pretty cute too (though Son & Step-daughter are also rather adorable) ;)

  3. She is just about the cutest thing, Jayne! Love those round cheeks. Holy cow! about the bruising. Do you bruise easily? That looks terrible! Hope you love your new couch (once your husband gets off and you get to sit on it) lol

  4. Thanks Ellen!

    I don't tend to bruise easily, I just managed to bang myself up fairly painfully yesterday!

  5. I have to second (and third) what Jen and fatgirlwearingthin said -- ugly (and painful-looking) bruises and absolutely adorable Baby Girl! Gorgeous eyes! :)

  6. In case anyone is wondering how I am doing after my surgery, on the most sensitive part of body...I'm ok. Thanks for your concern and for asking about my well being. I know it's ONLY surgery and not as serious as a BRUISE... ;)


  7. Wow! That's quite a bruise!

    I hope hubby heals well.