Tuesday, November 30, 2010

TMI Tuesdays! (This time it might actually be TMI)

This was fun last time so I'm doing it again.

(See how much blogging I can do when Hubs is out and about?)

13 things about me (last time I did 13 things that make me me)

1.  I weighed 3 lbs and 11 oz when I was born and dropped to 3 lbs and 4 oz shortly thereafter.  I then had surgery when I was 2 weeks old because I had patent ductus arteriosus.  This was a big deal back in 1972. And I am extremely thankful for Toronto's SickKids Hospital  since that's where the surgery was performed.

I still have the scars and here's the proof (the pic was taken a long time ago to go with a poem I wrote).

2 a).   I have 1 half-sister via my birth Mom.  She and I are close and she went to school with my oldest niece (re: my adoptive side of the family) so they would tell people they were cousins.

 (I was 22 in this pic and my sis was 14)

2 b).  I have two half-brothers via my birth Dad who I have not had any direct contact with since like 1992 though one or two Christmases ago he told my half-brother who I am in sporadic touch with to tell me he (birth Dad asshat) said, "Hey."

I have only seen my other half-brother ONCE in his adulthood.

Both my half-brothers have addiction issues.

I have two nephews and one niece from my half-brother who I am in sporadic touch with and one of those nephews has autism to the same degree as Son.

2 c).  In my adoptive family, I have an older brother and two older sisters.

 This pic is of my brother's wedding.

In it (from L to R) are my brother-in-law and his wife, aka my oldest sister, my late father, my sister-in-law and her husband, aka my brother, me (down in front in the same dress I was baptized in), my late mother and my other sister (who is now married to her 2nd husband).

I have 4 nieces and 2 nephews, a nephew-in-law, a niece-in-law and an ex-nephew-in-law.
Here is an old pic of  my nieces and nephews.

I also have 2 great nephews and 1 great-niece. This pic was taken in July... it's Son, great-nephew #1, great-niece and Baby Girl.

My youngest great-nephew was just born on Nov 21st (no photos of him yet).

3.  Sometimes I dream things that come true, even if some of the details of the dreams are off-kilter.  I have predicted pregnancies, moves, accidents, deaths and then more mundane things like home improvements or furniture purchases.

4.  I am very excited that Hubs goes in for his vasectomy on Friday morning!!!  He (finally) has his consultation this morning and was lucky to be scheduled so soon since there has been NO intercourse since shortly before I had Baby Girl on March 24th.

I miss "adult fun time."

5.  I can't sleep if the closet door is open even a crack.  That sucker needs to be fully closed!!

6.  I was baptized twice as a child.  Once before my heart surgery (I was baptized Catholic) and once again after I was legally adopted, when I was 6 years old, and that baptism happened at a United Church.

This is me with my late Godparents on the day of my (2nd) baptism...

7.  On the church theme, I was confirmed at the same United Church when I was about 15 years old and the only reason I went through with it was because I had a MASSIVE crush on one of the boys who was in my confirmation class and he also attended my high school.

He never paid any attention to me.

8.  Both of my Moms had breast cancer.  One died from it.  (the pic is of me with my Moms when I married Son's father in May 2001).

My Mom had two of those mint green outfits.  She was buried in one of them.

9.  **NO PICS FOR THIS ONE***    I often blog naked (or naked under my housecoat) because I hate wearing clothes.  This is not a weight-related thing, I started spending most of my time nude once I lived on my own with no roommates.

I also breast-feed Baby Girl while blogging - hence why I often edit my posts - LOL!

10.  I think Vick's Vapour Rub is awesome!  Seriously!  I put it on my forehead and temples for migraines, my back, neck and chest for coughs and colds, and I even put it on the bottoms of my feet and then cover my feet with cotton socks to help with the coughs, colds or migraines.

11.  I have a lot of ex-lovers.  Sometimes I'm ashamed of it, sometimes I'm almost proud of it but usually I'm rather matter-of-fact about it.

Hubs knows my number and he knows the most important thing about the number (which is not the fact that it is more than 8 times of his single digit number of lovers) -- he knows that the most important thing is he is the last number.

12.  I used to be obsessed with New Kids On The Block.

13.  I still worry that I look like a boy and it drives me nuts when people say that Son looks like a girl and Baby Girl looks like a boy!


  1. Okay, so that MAY have been TMI to some people, but it's nice to know this stuff.. especially the nude part, as I would love to do that every now and then (but can't with the rents around)..

    And #12! Nice to know I'm not the only one who felt this way! :)

  2. LOL!

    If NKOTB tickets weren't so pricey, I'd go see them. Saw them 2x when I was younger.

  3. Love it! I may consider doing something similar. If I ever get brave.

    Sorry about your NKOTB addiction. That's rough going there :-)

  4. I've been the same way about the closet door for my whole life. Luckily our closet door is in the master bathroom and it doesn't bother me for the bathroom door to be open :)

    I LOVE the smell of Vicks. Hubby hates it but that just comforts me when I'm sick :)

  5. Wow! That's a lot of stuff to know about a person in one post :)

  6. True enough! But it does suit the name TMI Tuesdays, doesn't it?

  7. OMG! I was so obsessed with NKOTB >_> When they had their reunion on the Today Show? I let my kids stay home from school yeh I know I know I am soo pathetic! Another thing we have in common my sister is my sister by my birth dad. He had her with another woman after I was already adopted away... we didn't grow up living together but we always knew one another and then one day after I was and adult we just started hanging out and have been besties every since!!!!

  8. I swear - we were meant to cyber-meet!!!