Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blog envy - all the pretty blogs out there

OK so if you haven't noticed, I am neither an internet nor an html whiz.

Aside:  BTW - my latest blog issue is that when I click to add new blogs I am following to my list of the most recently updated 25 blogs, some of the ones I've added aren't showing up and I've had to add them by hand 9so to speak)... if you know I am following you and have a very recent update but you aren't showing in the list, please comment with your blog link and let me know. Thanks!

And now we return to my scheduled post:

I see a lot of very pretty blogs out there with custom images and designs and I am taking this moment to say that I am experiencing blog envy.

I'm not linking links or naming names because there are so damn many of you that I'd be afraid of accidentally forgetting someone but I just wanted to let you know...


*Note:  I also love the more basic blogs (like mine) because I follow you because of what you write and not what your blog(s) look like but it's kind of like when I see someone with flawless make-up.

I think to myself, "Wow, she looks great!  I wish I could do that."

But, I assure you, I am ham-fisted with a makeup brush as I am with html.



  1. Well, I'm not sure if you meant me or not, but I'm gonna ASSume yes, because I'm adorable...or something. Anyway, if you're interested, I can tell you who did mine and promise you that she's fabulous. Because I certainly didn't come up with it on my own. I can barely navigate Facebook.

    And, I'm stalking...err, following you now!

  2. I like to keep my blog basic because, well, that's just who I am. I like zero to no clutter and nice, clean lines. I used to be a graphic designer in a former life and came up with the very basic title graphic on my blog. Then I just went with a very basic design that blogger offered. If you ever want some simple graphics worked up, just give me a yell and I can work on it in my spare (hahaha!!) time.


  3. I'm right there with you on this one!

  4. Gini, YES yours is one of the pretty ones! And is it sad that it made me feel a little better that someone fabulous did yours.

    Colleen, but you have the cool apples with the measuring tape - I can't even do stuff like that!

    I will keep both of your offers in mind...

    You know, one of my BFFs is an awesome web designer and artist but I don't like to ask people to do things (unless it's asking Hubs to do stuff around the house or the older kids to clean their rooms)!

  5. LOL, the cool apples and measuring tape. I stole.....I mean borrowed that from a stock photo site on the internet.

  6. Okay, well, if you decide you want someone to make something awesome for you, go to my page and then over on the side look for Jumping Jax Designs. I think she's running some holiday specials too, so...

    Becca is a personal friend and she's wonderful! I promise!

  7. Lol! I know! I have no budget & no experience. I'm just sort of "learning as I go"

  8. I know exactly what you mean about the pretty blog envy! I had mine revamped a couple months ago, and honestly, I regret it. I had so many people telling me they liked it better before, and they were used to it.
    Loved your analogy though: about seeing someone with flawless makeup. When I see someone like that, I usually stare so intently at them, I'm pretty sure they think I might ask them out on a date.

  9. I have pretty blog envy, too!!! I need to take time to make mine a little prettier or something. Yep, I'll add that to my to-do list. With everything else on it. :-)

  10. LOL! I'm the same way. My blog is as plain as plain can be. I have no skillz.