Tuesday, November 9, 2010

TMI Tuesdays! (OK, not really TMI but I see a lot of blogs with cutesy titles)


As I soaked in a tub of eucalyptus scented Epsom salts last night I thought this might be a fun post.

If you read it, feel free to post a similar list in your blog and link back in the comments so I can come look.

13 things that make me-- ME!

1.  Bursting into real or made-up on the spot songs at random moments (sometimes to sing along with mall music and sometimes to sing about the dead skunk on the road).

2.  Being honest.  The people closest to me will attest to the fact that I am a lousy liar (though I rarely even attempt to lie).
3.  My unabashed love for TV shows where I am likely outside the target demographic (Vampire Diaries, the new 90210, the long-gone The O.C., pretty much a lot of the stuff on CW which used to be the WB).

4.  Tangents.  I have a lifetime pass on the Tangent Train.  Sometimes I share the tangents aloud and sometimes I go through them in my head and will often reply to something Hubs had asked or said an hour ago right after talking about something completely unrelated.

5.  I will ALWAYS ask, "Do you know this song?" when I have maybe a sentence or less of the lyrics and a minimal grasp on the music and will expect Hubs or one of my BFFs (Son's godmother) to know what the hell I am talking about.

6.  I am spiritual but do not consider myself religious.

7.  I have deodorant/anti-perspirant in various places in the house because I can never remember if I've put it on.

8.  I hate using any form of instant messaging.

9.  When I get bill collectors calling for people who previously had my phone number, I look the name of the person up on Canada411.com and tell them that the person's new number is ___________.

10. I like to eat dessert before supper, but Hubs usually guilts me into waiting.

11. I hate amusement park and carnival rides.  A ferris wheel can make me vomit.

12. I like graveyards.  I find them peaceful.  Even when I was in grade school, I enjoyed going to graveyards.

13. I like to groove to music, even if it's just in my own living room.


  1. I love #9, that is brilliant!!!

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  2. Nice to get to know ya!

    I just found your blog through the Follow Me back Tuesday blog hop! Have a great evening.

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  3. #9 is hilarious.

    And I can't lie well either so honesty is my policy too.

  4. #7 is hilarious :)

    I'm not a fan of ferris wheels either ... I'm a wimp!

    I love wandering around old graveyards!

  5. My personal fav is #1. I would give anything to hear you bursting into song about a dead skunk, Jayne!
    btw, thanks so much for helping me test out my *&$#@ new plugin (as you can tell by the made up cuss word, it is still not working.)

  6. First, I had to check out your blog when I saw the title. I have a cursing issue. I love it. Then, I read this post and realized I litterally coulda written this with the exception of #8, 10 and 11. So weird. I too burst into song about all kinds of random things. My kids think I'm nutso. I am always trying to remember the name of "that song". I am queen of tangential thinking. And I love graveyards. I'll be keeping up with you to see what's next. A great read!

  7. Thank you, ladies - I'm glad you enjoyed this one!