Monday, August 15, 2011

Now I remember...

Last night, instead of going to sleep (or having nookie and going to sleep*) Hubs and I cuddled and talked.

It was good because I find a lot of the time - between dealing with the kids and talking about our respective days that we don't always communicate on the deeper level that first attracted me to him.

Then we get caught up in some of the grumpy, day-to-day annoyances (or some issues that seem to be of mammoth proportions) and I wonder how we ever managed to fall in love.

But nights and conversations like last night remind me.

One of the sweetest things Hubs said to me last night was that I am "still a mystery" to him.

He said whether I am looking up something on the internet, or talking about a TV show, or reading or anything that he always feels like there is still more about me to discover and it intrigues him.

Let me say that I have never, ever considered myself any sort of a mystery because I tend to be pretty open, very honest and well-known for being the Queen of TMI amongst my friends.

But it's nice to know that Hubs still feels that way and it's nice to have those types of conversations and even moments that remind me of the more private reasons why I love him.

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