Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's my blog-o-versary!

One year!

It's kind of hard to believe it's been one year.  And it's been a crazy year.  Highs and lows in life and lows and re-gains with weight.

Where I stand right this moment.

Weight: 216.0 lbs
Weight one year ago today: 278 lbs
Highest Non-Pregnancy weight: 286 lbs

Total maintained loss in one year: 62 lbs
Total maintained loss:  70 lbs

I am pleased with myself but there is still more to do.  With the no cardio from the first days in May until just last wk I regained weight as my lowest weight was 204.2 lbs so I regained 12 lbs.

I am told that with Baby Girl being weaned off breast milk in May as well that it would impact my weight loss.

Did I lose 100 lbs in a year like I wanted to (but was afraid to hope for)?  Nope but I got a damn good start on it all.

And what else have I done?

  • I have learned to say "no" to people when I need to or want to
  • I have tried new things like belly-dancing, boot camp & personal training
  • I have cut out SO MUCH of my prior negative self-talk
  • I am more active
  • I am actually preparing food at home beyond PB sandwiches
  • I feel better about myself and I show it with how I dress and behave
  • I pay more attention to the fuel I am putting into my body
  • I am going out more and overcoming my anxiety
  • I am happier & healthier

What is still in progress:

  • Continued healthy weight loss for myself
  • working with Hubs & Little Man & Rhyme Girl re: being healthier overall (Baby Girl is not a problem in that area)
  • more adventures in cooking
  • figuring out how to make time to blog when I'm home with the kids or (with this crazy heat) out and about with the kids all day and exhausted by the time I get home again
Overall,  I'm happy with myself.

  1. I've survived the stress of a fire next door that had us in a hotel for 5 days. And the subsequent dealing with other people and paperwork related to that event.
  2. Hubs and I survived him being out-of-work for over a year.
  3. I made it through the stress and worry of some cardiac tests and now know that I may need to take it a bit easier with cardio but I don't have to STOP.
  4. I will be doing readings in two of the four weddings I am attending this year.
  5. Today I am going out with a group of women I don't know (other than soul sister, C., her Mom & her aunt & Darci who I met yesterday) and going mini-golfing, to a pole-dancing lesson, to dinner and then to club I've never been to before for dancing.
I want to thank everyone who has been a part of my journey so far -- please know that I appreciate your support and your inspiration!!!

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