Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gotta go to bed

Well it was a decent day.

Did mini-golf with soul sister C and some of her other friends plus her Mom and Aunt.  I was the worst mini-golf player of all the teams.  Oh well.  It was entertaining albeit super sweaty (damn humidity!)

Then it was the pole-dancing class.  I observed and took photos.

Then I was home for awhile before going out to meet everyone for dinner and then drinking and dancing at The Flying Dog.

Does it say something strange about me that I prefer to take myself a step back from group activities like that and feel more comfortable from behind the camera lens?

It's not quite that it creates a barrier or anything, more like it allows me to encapsulate the experience.  The only downfall being that most of my photos of me are usually self-snapped headshots by myself or with one other person.

But it gives me a role and then enables me to be involved or to step more into the role of the observer which I suppose is often more comfortable to me.

I don't know - just thought I'd get the thought down because I often compose blog posts in my head but then I don't want to write them once I get to the com.


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