Friday, July 22, 2011

finally an update!

Yes, I am alive... Baby Girl & Little Man and myself are swimming with 1G1D1Y and her kids and the kids in her care.

This is what we did yesterday plus a number of days the other wk when Rhyme Girl was still here.

btw, forgive my typing - I am haphazardly availing myself of a laptop and for some reason the damn cursor keeps moving while i\ am typing and it's taking me way longer to type this.

Have I mentioned that my heart is OK?

So I have a personal training session scheduled for \tues a.m.

Basically I was told not to over-exert or push myself and that if my issues continue, change\worsen to come back in and that while he could prescribe medication - he thinks it's unnecessary at this time.

tmw soul sister C is having her bachelorette.  A group of us are doing mini-golf, pole dancing lessons (I'm only watching), dinner and then drinks and dancing.

ok way too hard to type with squirmy baby... ttyl!

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