Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An update...

Well, being in fear of the scale... I am sitting at 209.6 lbs so I am up 5.4 lbs from my April weight.

I am looking fwd to getting my cardiac stress test over and done with on the 24th and then getting back on track re: exercise.

On Sunday we spent the day with Hubs' family.  We also visited his grandmother in the Extend-A-Care home.

She seemed happy to see us but she never once called any of us by name so we can't be sure she actually knew who we were (though she was very engaged with Baby Girl and seemed to recognize Hubs even if she didn't once use his name).

Baby Girl took ONE STEP without holding on to anything or anyone and Nanny was delighted!

Earlier in the day we were with Hubs' parents and that was nice.

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