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Past life regression, thoughts on reincarnation, ghosts and other things

I have a past-life regression session scheduled for 10 a.m. with Catherine @ Journey Healers who I met at MEfest.

I thought some of you might be interested in what some of my beliefs are before I actually have the regression done.

re: making an appointment for the regression...

I have been wavering on this for awhile, because I have always been fascinated with past lives but I always thought the regressions were too out of reach (price wise) but Catherine offers an hour for a very reasonable $25.

I have an acquaintance/friend, Ang, whom I quite like and feel comfortable with who is a BodyTalk practitioner and I heard from her the other day that she knows Catherine and she agreed that since I am interested in my past lives that I should go see Catherine

When it comes to more alternative health and lifestyle choices and practitioners, I really rely on a combination of my gut instincts coupled with personal recommendations (if possible).

On my childhood re: spirituality and influences

I can remember reading the Narnia series on my own when I was in grade school (Grade 3 or Grade 4) and that's what first actually made me believe in something other than Christianity.

I also remember making what I considered "deals" with the Universe or God (when I still believed in the version of God I was taught within the United Church) as well as praying.

And I would make up rhymes and recite them under my breath or in my head over and over because I believed that would give me the outcome I wanted.

Sometimes I have found myself drawn very deeply into my beliefs and just as often, they've freaked me out and I've fled... ignored them, pretended that it was all in my head, that I was crazy or wishful or just plain silly.

It's actually somewhat similar to the love-hate relationship I've had with my body.  I either connect and resonante and seem to tune into the synchronicity of the universe or I hide myself away and willing put on blinders because I have a deep-set fear of success as well as a fear of failure that rage war within me and have done so for as long as I can remember).

I've always had "vibes" and gut instincts. 

I was raised in a home and a family that wasn't overly into religion but very much believed in psychic abilities, ghosts and the supernatural, life on other planets (and UFOs), luck and superstition.

When I met my biological maternal side of the family, my Grandmother was (and still is) very much a believer in what she learned in the Catholic church  but there is still a strong belief in psychic abilities and ghosts and supernatural contact (including family members who have had experiences).

So not only was I raised in a way that made this way of thinking normal to me, it also runs in my biological family.

My late Mom used to tell me that when I was a baby, she remembered one night where she had me up for a 2 a.m. feeding and suddenly it got so bright outside that it was like day time and then brighter still, so she couldn't really see and then, just as suddenly, it got dark again and she said she saw something zip across the sky outside the window and disappear.

Yep, she saw a UFO.

re: experiences as a teen with different beliefs

My Dad took me to my first psychic fair when I was 16 years old.  I was fascinated by it.  And many of the psychics took time to speak to me, stating that I shouldn't be attending the fair but should be honing my skills and being someone working the fair once I was older and more balanced within myself.

In fact, every time I have been to a psychic, a fortune teller or a Tarot card reader as well as the two times I went to try a Reiki treatment - this has occurred.

In either Grade 10 or 11 I had an experience.  I was brushing my hair in front of the mirror in my bedroom when suddenly, as if in a mere moment, a rush of images came to me... different eras, different genders, different lifetimes yet, somehow -- all me.

There was a very dark-skinned black woman and her lower jaw was extended with what looked like a clam shell.

There was another woman with what looked like multi-coloured bracelets which elongated her neck.

A Scottish man, smoking a pipe and looking at the sky. Feeling happy or content.

A barefoot girl, milking a cow.

A scared boy, hiding in the dark and the smell of smoke.

An Asian woman (not a Geisha), bowing her head and ignoring laughter.

A beautiful blonde woman, who was awash in feelings sadness and hopelessness.

I can't remember more than that so many years later but that was kind of the gist of it.

I do think that was the first time I ever really thought about past lives and reincarnation beyond more than a fleeting comment calling it "interesting."

When I sort of came into myself - I looked at my alarm clock and it was an hour later.

I wrote a poem about the experience and then a couple of follow up poems (if I get inspired, I'll see if I can dig any of them up)

This is also when I first recall reading about Witchcraft.

re: experiences with ghosts

My ex-boyfriend, B. and I went to a party at his friend's house and stayed over.  I had a terrifying experience where I saw a strange figure (I still feel to this day that it was a demon rather than some strange ghost) and it exuded such malice and evil that I could barely breathe.

I could not move and I could not wake my boyfriend.

In the morning, I was told that the house was haunted and had been for years but no one had encountered anything as scary as I had.

Then there was the haunted barn in Mannheim where I went with my soul sister, C. and some of our other friends.

I saw a vision of a boy being run over and crushed by the wheels of a wagon.  This was before I met my birth family.

Years later, I saw that boy in some old photographs that my maternal grandmother had.

He would have been her great or great-great uncle.  And that is how he died.

A number of years after that, after my Dad died... My sister and her daughter encountered my Dad after they were involved in a major car accident.

Their car was totaled when they were stopped at the stop sign at the end of their street when they were coming to visit my Mom and myself.  

Mom and I were at home watching an episode of "Unsolved Mysteries" and we were talking about a segment about angels.

My sister finally phoned and told us what had happened and she told us that she and her daughter both saw my Dad walk through their living room and then disappear.

My niece was quite young at that time.  But my former brother-in-law and my nephew didn't feel, see or sense anything.

Now for me, late one night in 1996 (3 yrs after my Dad died) I heard my Dad yell at me and I saw him at the side of the road.  I pulled over and right afterwards, a car came squealing out, drove OVER the median and then straight through a red light - right where I would have been if I had not pulled over to the side of the road.

The last time I saw or heard my Dad was when I was in labour with my son and things were going very badly and I was wheeled in for my emergency c-section.

my thoughts re: reincarnation

When my son was born, my Mom was convinced from the get-go that he was the reincarnation of my Dad.

After my Mom died, one Sept 14th (my Dad's birthday) I was driving home from daycare with my son and he asked me when he was "going to be married again" and I said he hadn't been married and he replied that yes he had and said that he "was married to Grandma Hackett BEFORE I was a baby!"

Now, in his 9th year, he still sometimes talks about or asks about "the baby world" which is the place where he lived before he was a baby and chose me to be his Mom.

One thing that's different for me is that I don't so much believe in soul MATES but I do believe in what I call soul GROUPS

I have believed for well over a decade that groups of people tend to choose to reincarnate with the goal of re-connecting with one another in their new lives.

I feel that these people are involved for us for various reasons, and usually because we learn and grow and evolve from having them in our lives, whether or not they are a catalyst to us via positive or negative measures is debatable though I tend to feel that most would be positive.

thoughts re: Reiki

I have had two different experiences with Reiki... my first was at a place called Wisdom Whispers (which now has a new website and only one of the two people I met involved with it from what I can tell).

I went with two of my girlfriends for a free demonstration/session and it was very interesting and very different.

The second time... hell, at the moment I am blanking on the woman's name but I went to her and I thought it was going great, I was feeling great but then she stepped a bit beyond what I am personally comfortable believing in.

She talked about me being an Indigo which is something I had already been reading about and then, she told me that her guide had something I needed to be told even though I was not likely to believe it.

I was told that I was what she called, a StarSeed.

Anyway, I think that covers a lot of what I wanted to fill people in on before I go for the session tomorrow.

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