Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update on past life regression

OK so I still haven't finished packing for my trip (that I leave for today) so this is going to be on the quick side...

Popped into 2 past lives at the regression appointment.

Dori, female, somewhere in England
  • poor family
  • younger brother, Tom (same soul as my daughter)
  • very ill mother, skinny, gray-skinned, coughing - died before Dori was 13
  • closest relationship was to Tom and then father
  • did not attend school until mother died but was smart and an excellent reader
  • if she left home she was afraid "something bad" would happen
  • Tom wouldn't learn his ABCs when he was 4
  • father worked somewhere dirty, all covered in black (coal or soot???)
  • father died of heart attack (& father was possibly same soul as my male ex-bestie of a decade)
  • Dori worked in a mercantile type of store but found it boring
  • Tom grew up and married a woman (same soul as my soul sister C.)
  • I married John (Hubs' soul) when I was an old maid of 28 - no kids
  • I spoiled and adored my 3 nieces, the youngest, Cassie was my fav (& had the same soul as my S-girl)
  • died of pneumonia when old (late 60s or early 70s)
Joe, from a town named Bethel somewhere in America
  • farm family
  • older brother, Willie/William (same soul as my son)
  • not close to parents
  • mischievous child, very taken with animals and felt very controlled by parents
  • moved to Bethel with Willie & his wife (same soul as my oldest niece, Tonya)
  • they had 5 boys
  • Joe remained a bachelor -- too shy to talk to a young woman from church who eventually married someone else
  • worked at a mill, early on manual labour, later on doing the books
  • escaped into reading about faraway places and adventures
  • died being thrown from a horse while crossing a bridge while watching an attractive woman on the stairs of a store on the left side of the road in late 40s

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