Sunday, March 13, 2011

A big "I need to get this off my chest" post

*Please note that this is not directed to anyone who reads my blog...


I really don't know what your deal is and, at this point, I don't know that I even care.

I've tried to be supportive when I could and when you got so out of control that you were involved in the legal system -- I backed away because as much as I care (or cared) about you, my #1 concern is always going to be my immediate family.

My kids.

My spouse.

And when someone is behaving in a dangerous and irratic manner that could bring harm upon my family, I am going to stay away.

When a situation goes bad, I hope and pray for a resolution that is the best for all involved.

And since what I've written so far could actually apply to two specific people who have not been a part of my life for awhile it seems evident to me that the universe is really trying to get something through my thick skull.


And it's NOT MY JOB TO SAVE ANYONE OTHER THAN MYSELF (and my kids while they are minors).

So, if you want to be pissed off at me and/or send some misdirected anger my way I have the following to say in response.


I don't steal, I don't emotionally abuse or neglect my family and I sure as hell don't make bad situations worse by doing harmful drugs instead of getting real help like therapy or rehab.


  1. YOU GO GIRL! Bet ya feel a little better after that.. :)

  2. It sucks when you try to be there for someone but they don't try to help themselves. At least you can rest knowing that at least you tried.

  3. I think we'd ALL be a lot happier if we realized that it's not our job to save people. Take care of you.

    Well said! And I absolutely hope you feel better after getting it all out!