Monday, February 7, 2011

NSV & a small drop on Day 200

First, the weight update...

I did get a 214.2 but then i checked and I got 214.4 the next 3 times.

weight:  214.4 lbs

I noticed that I have a small muscle in my arm.  I haven't seen anything like that in ages.

And yes, we still have our Xmas tree up - the box got wrecked and I keep forgetting to buy a bin to put it away in. I told the kids it's going to be a Valentine's tree...



  1. I started to notice muscles in my arms a few weeks ago. LOVE IT!!!

  2. A small muscle...oh yeah, that sounds like a great victory.

  3. I use to have muscles..I will have to work on that again ( :
    Trust me..Our tree would still be up if hubby had not taken it down..hahaha
    Thanks for the comment!

  4. Too funny about the Christmas...oops Valentines tree!

    Congrats on the weight - you are doing amazing!

  5. I went wild when I first noticed that muscle in my last year??? Around then. The workouts paid off enough that I felt that bulge with the slightest flexing/use of the arm. I went berserk with joy. :) I love feeling muscle...

  6. HECK YEAH!!! I can totally see it... YAY FOR MUSCLES!!

  7. How do I go about ordering the gun show?:P
    Nice work!

  8. You're so freaking cute, FAB! Doing the Happy Dance for your muscles!! Yay!

  9. Good job on the loss-muscles are sweeet huh? Who knew???

    Polar's Mom

  10. Thank you, my friends!!!