Sunday, February 6, 2011

Is it bad that I don't care about the Superbowl?

I don't even know what football teams are playing in it.

That's how much I am not into sports.  The only sports I watch on TV are baseball - and then only if it's the Toronto Blue Jays and I love pairs and ice dance figure skating.

That's it.

I am keen on seeing the new ep of Glee that is supposed to air after the Superbowl but I think those things always run into overtime PLUS I am going to the track tonight with 1G1D1Y and M.

I only did 15 minutes of EA Sports Active today because my kids were grumpy, but at least I got a bit of time in...


  1. I could care less too. I only know what teams are playing because of people on Facebook.

    Have fun at the track!

  2. I don't care you're in good company (lol). My father-in-law is a huge Blue Jays fan. We like the Canucks - who are on quite the tear now. How do you like the EA Sports Active. I like it. It's kind of difficult for me at my weight now, but I love the running part. I'm not letting that stick figure beat me.

  3. Yeah we don't care. We are cooking in between the commercials-seen a couple good ones so far!

    Polar's Mom

  4. I have no desire to watch the superbowl - or any football game for that matter.. .LOL

  5. is that on today? Didn't know; don't care. The ex watched it ALL of the time. Now, whenever I hear a major crowd cheering I get all agitated and want to punch someone! lol

  6. I could care less about a stupid football game. Seriously. I hate football and if they lockout next year, I for one will say, Woot!

    I am allowing my husband to watch at the game, since there is nothing good on and I have my puter to play on. He doesn't get to watch much football. I am taking pity on him. ^^

  7. I am so glad you said that! I thought I might be the only one not watching the superbowl. But I definately watched Glee after;)

  8. I like watching Japanese team play soccer. I like the Olympics. I like to watch kendo competitions. Um....that's about it. I also didn't know who was in the Super Bowl...didn't care...

    Taht so much money, energy, fervor is invested in some stupid ass game astounds me. Amazing... we got soldiers dying every day in a war, but people care more about throwing and catching and running with a ball. So idiotic. Maybe if 30% of the proceeds went to veteran aid or charity, I might give a damn.....

  9. We don't really care about football either. We like to watch the commercials and we usually chat or play board games while the game is on.

    Last night about 3/4 of the way through, our 2 year old got a bit sicker (she'd had a cold all day) and was howling in pain and saying her ear hurt. It's not like her to complain of pain AT ALL, so I took her to the Emergency Room. She was seen and has a severe ear infection. I'm glad I took her because I wouldn't have wanted to let it go until today before she was seen.

    I'd much rather watch hockey any day of the week. Baseball is ok (we're St. Louis Cardinals fans), but would rather go see a game live than watch on tv.

    Do you watch "Battle of The Blades?" I hear it's a show similar to "Dancing With The Stars" here in the US but on ice. We sort of followed it last year online because Kelly Chase competed in it.

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!

  10. LOL! I am glad I am not alone in this - Hubs and I are not football ppl...


  11. I didn't care either ... that's why I happily did my own thing in our spare room while Gord and his buds watched the game.