Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my scale is working again!

Hubs bought batteries for it and installed them so I had to run upstairs, get naked and weigh myself.

weight:  213.4 lbs

I did get in 38 minutes at the track yesterday before my migraine got the better of me and made me think I was going to go blind and die...

Hmmn, I need to lose 3.4 lbs by March 1st to hit my 210 lbs goal.   13 days for 3.4 lbs... I'd damn well better do it!


Tonight I have a meeting to go to so 1G1D1Y will be taking care of Son and Baby Girl for me.  Hopefully they'll go easy on her.

Son is very excited because he likes to spend time with 1G1D1Y's kiddos.

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