Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feeling more like "me"

I'm starting to have the urge to get my tongue re-pierced.

I originally had it done in 1999* and I had it for almost a decade but I needed to have a LEEP done and I had to remove all metal jewelery.

To my dismay, having the piercing removed for a day allowed my hole to close and I've missed it since.

Over the past few wks, S-girl had been wanting to go and have one of her former piercings re-done and it has gotten me thinking about my former tongue piercing again.

I asked Hubs today about whether or not he missed my tongue ring and I got him at a good moment because he blushed like CRAZY and didn't have a smart-ass comeback for once.

It was very cute!

I often give him a hard time (in fun), but I really do love him.  :)

So, the last time I had my tongue pierced - it got me to stop biting my nails for about a year before life stress caught up with me.

And if(when?) I redo it - at least I know enough to not try to eat a homemade  cheeseburger later the same day!!!

Hubs also said if I feel like eventually getting another tattoo (I've had my one and only tattoo since 1998)  he's cool with that as well because he thinks I'm starting to feel more like myself and more confident.

What he doesn't realize is that the other urge I have re: feeling/being more like me = shorter hair with a funky colour.  But hair has to wait until I am under 200 lbs.

I have a gargoyle tattooed on my thigh and I *love* it!

If I were to get something done on my other thigh, I'm not sure what I would do... S-girl suggested a statue of a stone angel or devil but, other than the fact I used to always say, "my horns hold my halo up" -- it doesn't resonate with me.

My gargoyle is another story... I think if I were a mythical creature, that I'd be a gargoyle.  I see them as strong, steadfast, a bit intimidating, always watching the world but never really a part of it because of the way that they are.

my tattoo

* - year corrected thanks to the memory of my friend (and ex-bf) M.

(yes, I am so old I can't remember years accurately)


  1. Oooooo Girl!!! Makin the hubbster blush thinkin about that tongue ring!!! Hahahaha I miss mine sometimes... I say go get it! As a reward or something. I mean results are awesome, but little bonuses like a new tongue ring would be too ;)

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better but OUCH on the tongue piercing! LOL You're braver than I am.

  3. I'm glad you're feeling better and feeling more confident! I say, get the tongue re-pierced and get another tattoo! I think you've earned it!


  4. Yes, get it repierced!! I'm totally getting my new tattoo next Wednesday--so stoked!!

  5. I like this blog post and i am very pleased to hear you are feeling like yourself again xx

  6. I've always said I'd get my belly button pierced once I got rid of my belly. Alas, that's never going to happen.