Thursday, February 17, 2011

being a girl (tmi female stuff)

So I am dealing with postpartum period #2.

Because of this, I was surprised to see the scale drop at all this week as in the years between having Son and then having Baby Girl, I would almost invariably throw on 5 - 10 lbs a few days before my period would start and then go back down shortly after it was over.

It didn't happen last month or this month so I do hope that THAT continues! I still feel bloated but not nearly what I used to.

And this one is worse than the one last month but not quite as bad as I remember that they used to be.

But after going over 500 days without a "real" period - I can't really complain.  Last month's was uncomfortable as hell but not normal but this one, it's business as usual... except for the lack of water bloating weight (which i don't miss).

weight: 212.8 lbs

I feel like I'm in a bit of a slump.  Still not sleeping well and that really has an adverse impact on my days.

Was busy with co-op stuff this week (I'm the President of our Board of Directors where I live and on the Personnel Committee) so last night and the night before I was out at meetings.

With my period, I've been dealing with hormone-related headaches and cramps.

At the moment I am re-watching this week's episode of "Glee", sipping some tea (one bag de-caf green tea and one bag herbal lemon tea steeping in the teapot) and blogging.

Baby Girl seems to be really enjoying the Glee boys as "The Justin Bieber Experience" singing "Somebody to Love."

Son said on his way out to school that he thinks that he could sound more like Justin Bieber if he tried, but he thought the Glee boys were "OK."

The whole Justin Bieber thing is kind of entertaining.  I can't remember if I've mentioned it on here before or not but Son used to have a major hate on for the Biebs.

When asked why, his explanation was as follows:

"All the girls are in love with Justin Bieber and when I am a teenager and want a girlfriend, they will all be in love with Justin Bieber so I can't have one."

Once he finally realized that not every girl will be in love with the Biebs once Son is old enough to want to have a girlfriend, Son then admitted that he likes Bieber's music and hair.


  1. Maybe your period is different as far as the weight loss versus gain because of your healthier food intake. Less salt and sugar, less bloat.

    I'm currently 5 days late for my period therefore eating like a bear before hibernation.

  2. OMG, his explanation for not liking the Bieber is genius boy logic. I love that! hahahahah (I ma steal that for a story someday.)

    Hope your hormones get themselves all nice and orderly. And I always noticed that eating better and exercising have an impact on periods (when I had them).

    Later, babe...

  3. I'm having a month-long period atm, and i swear it's due to stress. Luckily, like you, my weight doesn't seem to have been affected, althought i agree with you on the tiredness and the poor sleep- i really think that IS connected.

    Hoping you feel better tomorrow