Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wonder Woman rules! And a weigh-in

Had to post a pic of me in my Wonder Woman T-shirt and of Baby Girl in her Wonder Woman (or Wonder Girl) onesie...

Also, I weighed myself 3 times...

223.8, 224.2, 224.2 -- I'd rather record the 1st one but I'll go with the consistent one instead.

Weight:  224.2 lbs


  1. You look awesome, I wish I looked half as good as you!

    I wanted to comment on a post you wrote a while back about finding some loose skin...I believe bat wings were mentioned...I wanted to say look on the bright side...I know someone who hasn't lose an ounce (she's morbidly obese) and she has bat wings even now, and she has some loose skin that hangs over her elbows when her arms are straight at her sides. Serious.

    Loose skin is one thing that I fear big time...but I have a long way to go before I find any, I think.

    Keep up the AWESOME work!

  2. Yippee. Love that Wonder baby - so cute.

  3. New here, so I'll just jump right in! You look great, and look at your gorgeous little one:-) I have a boy born last nearlyt the same age. You're doing great!!

  4. Told you that gain would go away-already one pound down from yesterday! YAY

    Polar's Mom

  5. Love the revamping of your blog!

  6. What a great picture! You look wonderful and Baby Girl is sooooo adorable!

  7. Holy! You look FAB! And seriously, I just want to pinch the heck out of Baby Girl's legs! What a cutie!

    Didn't know you were a Wonder Woman fan - I wasn't, until hubby and I started selling these:

    Now I think she's freaking awesome!

  8. Thank you - everyone!!!


    I had to refer to Ellen's hate loss challenge with this pic because of the way my head is tilted, I wasn't happy with how my face looked but I really wanted to share the pic and in all the ones where i was happiest about how *I* looked, Baby Girl wasn't looking - LOL!

    BTW, Colleen - awesome that you are (now) a fan of Wonder Woman!

    My big (possibly silly) wish -- getting to a size I am happy with and getting a pic of myself in a Wonder Woman costume...