Monday, January 24, 2011

Journey to health - Day 186

weight:  219.0 lbs
(@1G1D1Y -- I re-weighed after nursing the baby and going to the bathroom)

When I started this I was 278 lbs.  And when I was lackadaisical about it a few months before that - I was 286 lbs.

I am VERY excited right now.

59 lbs gone since July 23, 2010.
67 lbs gone since April 4, 2010.

I am ONE POUND AWAY from being down 60 lbs since July and being the weight I was when I first met Hubs in person!!!

This morning, 1G1D1Y, her Mom, her MoH (and MoH's adorable baby) and I were out at the bridal shop.

1G1D1Y ordered her dress!!!  It was beautiful and the store was fun and we offered unsolicitated opinions to another bride-to-be who was trying things on.

I found myself looking at some of the bridal gowns too (at Hubs' urging on my way out the door actually).

You see, Hubs is *technically* my mistress - LOL!

I left Husband v1.0 in Jan 2005 but I refuse to pay for the divorce since I was the one who was faithful and I was the one who paid off all the marital debt, even though most of it was because of him - and I've never taken him to court for child support so I've never seen more than $280 from him in a YEAR since he's not legally obligated towards anything.

Hence why I won't pay for the divorce.

That being said, Hubs would like us to be legally wed.  The first time he spoke of marrying me was less than a week before the first time we met in person.

Yes, that's right - Hubs did one of those things that I'd normally view as a "fatal flaw" the first day we started chatting on MSN - but (lucky for him *tee hee*) I found it charming.

And Hv1.0 has been engaged to his common-law spouse since Xmas of '07 and she's getting impatient.


Anyway -- when we go to pick up Son from school - then we are heading straight to the rec center.  S-girl is going to try to meet us there as well.

Gotta get my 5k in - damn it!

And now, it's time for some green tea... need to chill for a bit because I relaized I have 3 weddings to attend this yr... Soul sister C's nuptials in July, one of my niece's is getting married the wkend before 1G1D1Y's wedding and, of course, my girl 1G1D1Y.

What am *I* going to wear????


  1. OMG yay!!!!!! 60 lbs!! Woot woot!! you will have that 1 lb gone by like wed!! :)

    How exciting to go shopping for weddings!! And with your new hot mama body!! oh damn... ;)

  2. I am about a pound away from 60 pounds loss too. I hope we both make it next time :-)

  3. Sounds like a stand-off to me. I so understand what you are saying though (been there, done that). Hey congrats on your weight loss. You are doing great.

  4. Awesome awesome awesome about your weight loss.

    But I don't understand why ex was not legally on the hook for half of the marital debt, whether you filed for divorce or not. But that is what it is. I would be more concerned at this moment that he not be able to mess up anything in your life.

  5. HUGE congrats on the weight loss girl! Keep up the great work.
    As far as what to wear? hmmmm. first one in the summer, right? well ... I won't suggest a bikini ;) ... but a great sundress would be awesome, depending on how formal it is. Something fitted (totally appropriate of course) perhaps?
    luv ya gf! so proud of you!

  6. This is such a HUGE deal, girl!! So proud of you and you have no signs of slowing down. At All! And how romantic that Hubs is all for a wedding. (and I am loving the way you're sticking it to hv1.0. I did that exact same thing with mine after he cheated. Something good about having the upper hand) Keep up the good work, FAB - imagine where you'll be by this time next year!

  7. 60 right around the corner-you go!

    Polar's Mom

  8. Thank you all for the great comments on my loss so far and yeah, the Hv1.0 stuff really sucks. I just wanted out and I paid off everything with a chunk of the money I got after my Mom died since he had NO credit so everything was in my name - even though he spent most of it...