Monday, December 13, 2010

My stress list and then, to end on a higher note, a NSV!

Horrible night's sleep last night...

Lots of odd, disjointed dreams.

Cranky, cranky Baby Girl and Son has a seal-like cough, is pale and clammy to the touch with a low fever.

So I'm keeping him home today in the hopes of nipping whatever he's got in the bud.


I am feeling a bit better re: my missing my Mom breakdown yesterday.

She died Nov 2, 2004.  Terminal bone cancer which had metastasized from her breast.

I did surprisingly well this year on the anniversary of her death but then lately, I've been feeling things building up just from all over.

Stressors like:

  • Son's issues with being bullied at school and then getting caught when he retaliates instead of walking away
  • Baby Girl's lack of regular sleep during the night
  • Hubs and his on-going attempts to find and secure employment
  • Dealing with Step-Daughter's mother!!!
  • Worrying about my newest great-nephew and on whether or not my niece will choose to (or be allowed to choose) whether or not she will place him for adoption or not (there are other factors involved with this that I won't get into on my blog)
  • The death of my friend's dad and subsequent discussions about that sad event really brought back a lot of things about the deaths of both of my parents
But I do not want to end this post on a down note so here is an NSV (only because I'm not sure at which weight I would have first fit into this).

A few Xmases ago, Hubs was looking for a present for me so I found some PJs that I liked.  The PJs were purchased although the size inside the PJs did not match the larger size listed on the hanger.

I had never been able to wear them until I thought to try them on this weekend.

The size inside says 2x but they must be small fitting since my other PJs are now 1x (and I have one pair that are XL that fit).


  1. I think it's great that you're able to pinpoint where your stress is coming from and find a productive way to deal with it (I am totally unable to do that).

    As the step-daughter of one fantastic mom who dealt with one whopper of an ex-wife (did you follow that?), I can tell you that the way you handle things now will leave a lasting impression on your step-daughter. I am so grateful for my step-mom (who I call mom). I'm sure you're doing a great job handling things!

    Congratulations on fitting into those super cute pajamas, too!

  2. Gini - thank you! Hubs and I try very hard with things on our end, I am always encouraging him not to "engage" (in battle, so to speak) with Step-Daughter's mom.

    But it can be challenging. Really challenging.

    That being said, I am happy that Step-Daughter talks to us about her thoughts and feelings since she says she can't do that with her Mom and Step-Dad at her primary residence.

    And it's nice to know that you had an awesome step-mom and that it did make a difference for you.

    May I ask who you resided with when you were growing up?

  3. P.S. Thanks for the compliment on my PJs!

  4. We kind of moved around a bit for the first five or six years. Born in California, lived in South Carolina, Georgia and Connecticut. We finally settled down in Texas when I was eight and have been here ever since (except for a three year stint in the Memphis area after we got married).

    Spent the bulk of my time in Fort Worth. Now we're about three hours south, just outside of Houston.

    (a very long answer to a short question, ha!)