Thursday, December 16, 2010

My head is pounding, I am tired, I think the salt craving has passed

Salt craving seems to be gone but it was yet another horrible night's sleep and I have a hell of a migraine this morning!

Around 5 a.m. Baby Girl decided it was time to laugh and squeal for a good bloody hour. I like that better than crying BUT still, I like SLEEPING even more than that.

Hubs wanted me to feed her, but Baby Girl wasn't making the sounds she makes when she wants to feed so I didn't.

I had a night of disjointed and distressing dreams.


The only nice thing was a small drop this morning.

weight: 228.0 lbs

Worked out with the girls last night. It hurt a bit more than usual since we skipped it on Monday to do some more holiday-related shopping.

I'm stuffed up today.

Haven't done any blog reading yet today... will look at that once I post this.

Oh and Hubs is making me watch "It's a Wonderful Life" since I have avoided seeing it every year and he is insisting that I need to see it.

My holiday viewing tends to run more to, "A Christmas Story", "Miracle on 34th Street" and all those Rankin-Bass shows. Sometimes the old Charlie Brown one too (but not the newer one made after Charles Schultz died).


  1. Sorry you are having a crappy start to your day.. Question for ya, though.. do you eat before you go to bed? I find that if I eat within 2(ish) hours of going to bed I have FREAKY dreams.. I mean, anything.. even a handful of M&M's..

    Hope you start to feel better soon.. and I haven't seen "It's a Wonderful Life" either.. my movie avoidance during this time is "A Christmas Story".. I HATE IT!! lol

  2. Btw, loving the new background.. :)

  3. I hate the way salt makes me feel. It messes up my tummy so bad if I eat something after I've been dieting a while (and I always fall of the wagon). Hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. Sorry you aren't feeling well.. but congrats on the loss!

    I LOVE A Christmas Story!! We watch it every Christmas eve.. while eating Sushi. I love It's A Wonderful Life too though.. I always watch it at some point during the season.

  5. Salt is the ONLY thing that doesn't bother my stomach so I can't really relate to this post. LOL

    But I must say what a huge inspiration you are...your progress is really remarkable.

    I love every single Christmas movie out there!!

  6. (((HUGS))) I hope your day gets better. Congrats on that loss though! Would you believe I have never watched It's A Wonderful Life? I really need to do that. :)

  7. what is it with guys and "It's a wonderful life"? I managed to get through my entire adulthood without seeing it and I turned out just fine. Then, a couple of years ago my husband made me sit down to watch it. He was so excited to see it - he even knew some of the words! It was OK for a Christmas'll have to post your thoughts on it once you've seen it.