Thursday, December 16, 2010

I don't write what date of my journey I am on all the time - Day 147

So if I don't want to look back and count, I use this website: to do it.  It lists the number of days in between 2 dates as well as mentioning what the number is if you count those days.

Today is Day 147 of my journey and I have officially lost 50 lbs in those 147 days.

I've slowed a bit since we started getting the cold and the snow but I am really excited that I am here at 50 lbs lost since July 23, 2010 and I am proud of myself.

That being said, I still have a LONG way to go!

At least another 53 lbs (if not more)!

According to my calculator, that works out to be a loss of 0.36 lbs per day or 2.52 lbs lost per wk on average.

Another 147 days would take me to May 12, 2011.  If I lose at the same rate, that could see me hit 178 lbs by then which would be 1 day before my former wedding anniversary to v1.0 husband.

By 365 days I could lose an additional 78 lbs from where I am now which would take me to 149 lbs.

I do realize that my weight loss may not continue with the same amount of consistency, but it's really awesome to look at.

When I started this blog, I was keeping it a secret from people I knew in real life because, in all honesty, I was afraid of failing.

I sort of have it in my head that once I've lost 100 lbs - that I will look at merging my other blogs with this one (since this one gets almost all of my attention these days).

Hubs asked me how much weight I want to lose.

I really don't know.

I currently have 175 lbs set as my long-term goal.  But I think I can do better than that.  I was pretty happy with myself when I was 160 lbs, but really - I'm older now.  My body has been changed and damaged from 2 c-sections so -- I don't want to pick a number and say that is the absolute number to hit.

It seems like it would be too much pressure.

Instead, as I hit each shorter term goal, I will assess how I look and feel and then make my decisions at that moment in time.

I've had email about my column on the left side ending at 139 lbs or a 50% total weight loss from my July 23, 2010 weight.

As you can see it does say, "50% = 139 lbs (unlikely but I thought it would be nice to end the list at 50%)"

So I am not going to tear out my hair and curl up in a ball weeping if I don't get there.  It's not currently an actual goal, but I would be OK if that became a realistic goal for me.

Right now the big one will be hitting 199.  And that is 29 lbs away from where I am now.

When I think back to July - I knew I wanted to lose weight and I was worried that having goals might stress me more than help me.

Now I can say that I think having reasonable goals really helped me.

What also helped was not beating myself up if I missed one (for example, I didn't hit my Sept 11th goal weight until Sept 18th) because the dates were (and are) a guideline but the weight is the true goal.


  1. 50 pounds in 147 days is AWESOME! Congratulations on your success! I can't wait to be able to say that. :)

  2. 29 pounds is a drop in the bucket compared to where you were and I think with the amount of momentum you've got - you will totally get there. You're not stressed about it; you're just letting it happen and that is the way to do it. So proud of you! :)

  3. Love the way you write your goals, then cross them out as you meet them. Great idea!

    You should feel very very proud of yourself for the great weight loss. Keep it up, for you are on a roll, girl.

  4. Thanks!

    @Stephanie - we will all be excited for you when you get there, because you CAN get there!

    @Ellen - I am trying to be relaxed about it, without letting relaxation morph into laziness or apathy (something I fall victim to this time of the year).

    @Sandra - thank you! If 50 is monumental then I think once I hit 100, it will be legendary ;)

    @Digger - thanks! I kind of thought it was like making my weight loss a TO DO list and tracking it all really does help!

  5. I love that you're not setting an absolute number as your goal weight! I'm sorta doing the same, based on what my healthy BMI would be. At 5'2, pretty much anything between 100-135 is a healthy BMI. I'll see when I get there!