Monday, December 20, 2010

I blame the nookie... (a bit of a TMI post)

OK so since Hubs had his vasectomy we've finally started having a complete sex life again.

Yes, that's right - we abstained from penetration for 8 months.

So now that we are getting our nookie on, so to speak - I am really having hard core junk food cravings again.  The way it was when I first started changing the way that I was eating.

Why this could be/would be/is the case, I have no idea but it's the one major change to my routine as of late.

And it also has an impact on how much sleep I get, because although I can be more like a man and roll over and fall asleep as soon as we are done -- the fact that I'm awake for the extra time might be having a negative impact on me re: my already challenged sleep arena.

But then the positive impact of a healthy sex life comes with its own bonuses too.

Essentially, I am very glad to have a full sex life again, I just wish it didn't have to take away from my sleep and I can't figure out why it seems to increase my junk food cravings.

This post was brought to you by the hormones oxytocin and fenylethylamine.


  1. I dont think this is a rare thing. I think no one talks about it.
    Right after sex my husband wants to eat and I am the same way.
    Or I use to be..Or I just make better choices. Just like any other time of the day.

  2. Maybe changing it up to morning sex? Idk, as I don't have this problem, or any problem relating to sex, right now.. except for missing it completely.. lmao

  3. @Renea - I don't just mean right after sex but it feels like it sets a tone for cravings for the following day as well.

    @Sarah - I remember those days... hell, from having Baby Girl to when we started having sex again was the longest I'd EVER gone without the full deed.