Monday, December 20, 2010


Here's what it said about me...

FatAngryBlog, Your Diet Personality Summary

Your eating personality is Fruitless Feaster

The Fruitless Feaster enjoys a colorless, plain meat-and-potatoes type diet with the exception of the odd glass of juice or piece of fruit. Your main food choices are proteins, breads, pastas, desserts and, of course, fats. When you skip eating low-calorie, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, you also miss out on their powerful cancer- and heart disease-fighting nutrients.

Your exercising personality is Uneasy Participant

Uneasy Participants are overly aware of their body size in motion and are forever comparing themselves to others. This keeps you from joining a gym or signing up for an exercise class. You know you need to get yourself in better shape but these feelings paralyze you and prevent you from taking action.

Your coping personality is People Pleaser

People Pleasers do more to help others than to help themselves. You say yes to the PTA, you sign up for that extra project at work, you carpool many of the kids in your neighborhood and before you know it, you have no time left to nurture your own health or take that exercise class that interested you. Doing for everyone else before yourself keeps you last on your totem pole. It's about time you put yourself higher up. You deserve it!

You've got personality... and now you've got the chance to tame the eating, exercising and coping habits and shed those extra pounds.


  1. hmm.... I find this interesting... did it say what you were going to have to change or do?? or was that all...? I'm left hanging... lol... waiting to see what is needed of you on this journey to move up on the totem pole and stop saying no to gym memberships...;)

  2. It doesn't tell you much more than that unless you want a paid membership - but you can look up exercises to do at home for free!

  3. That sounds exactly like what I'd get if I took that quiz on the 2nd too parts. LOL

  4. Your eating personality is Meal Skipper (alas, I NEVER skip a meal)

    Your exercising personality is All-or-Nothing Doer

    Your coping personality is Emotional Eater