Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Baby Girl , the evil cold, a popcorn temptation and a trip to Narnia

weight:  227.0 lbs

I think last night was actually the worst night's sleep we've had (or really DIDN'T have since we were awake so much) since Baby Girl was born.

She has a cough, her eyes are watering, her nose is running and she's not a happy girl :(

Though she sort of smiled in this snap because she was trying to grab the camera strap.

Son has a cough.

Hubs and I are still OK at the moment but the lack of sleep is neither helping our energy levels nor our dispositions.

I took Son to see the newest Narnia movie at the theatre in 3D yesterday.

It was the first time 3D didn't end up giving me a wicked headache afterwards.

It was also the first time I've gone to the movies without eating a large or XL buttered popcorn (Son and I SHARED a small popcorn!)

This movie strayed the most from the plot of the book and, therefore, is my least favourite Narnia movie.


  1. Oh my gosh, the glaze on that beautiful child's face :(
    Good news: at least I'm no longer craving a donut. LOL

  2. Sorry to hear the kiddos aren't feeling well...that makes it tough for everyone! Thanks for stopping by my blog and congrats on the 51 lbs lost so far!

  3. @Ellen - LOL!

    @ahealthybelly - Thank you!