Sunday, October 10, 2010

My weight is stuck

But we did have a couple of bad days this week while we were away from home.

Had a great day yesterday though, out in the sunshine. Took a leisurely walk. Enjoyed being alive.

I am not recording my weight today until after I have a bowel movement in the hopes that even a small weight decrease will appear.

I don't feel down about it because I am under 250 lbs now and am 0.6 above my Oct 11th goal of 249 (Hubs AND my sister say I should count it as hitting my goal since it is still 249 - but I'm waiting to see what the scale says tomorrow).

Having a bit of a naughty breakfast today - but because this is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE and not just a "diet" I need to re-learn how I behave with my relationship with food.

And part of that is understanding that if I deny myself -- I will end up binge eating.

But if I allow myself to have something not as healthy once in awhile - I won't start obsessively craving worse and worse things.

Moderation is really important and I am learning that.

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