Monday, October 11, 2010

update of my prior goals

Goal 1: lose 10 lbs by Aug 23, 2010 - CHECK
Goal 2: get to 265 lbs - CHECK
Goal 3: get to 258 lbs by Sept 11, 2010 <-- CHECK as of Sept 18th
Goal 4: total weight loss at least 23 lbs by Sept 23, 2010 - CHECK
Goal 5: get to 249 lbs by Oct 11, 2010 CHECK 248.0 actually
Goal 6: total weight loss at least 33 lbs by Oct 23, 2010 (with Thanskgiving this could be tricky)
Goal 7: get to 239 lbs by Nov 11, 2010
Goal 8: total weight loss at least 43 lbs by Nov 23, 2010
Goal 9: get to 229 lbs by Dec 11, 2010
Goal 10: total weight loss at least 53 lbs by Dec 24, 2010

I hope these are realistic.

Dec 24th will be 22 wks from when I decided I was fat as hell and not going to take it anymore.
Losing 2 lbs a wk would have me at a 44 lb loss by Dec 24th so I may be aiming a bit high.
I need to lose an average of 2.4 per wk to get to a 53 lbs total loss by Dec 24th and that means I need to survive Thanksgiving and Halloween and continue to lose.

I will also offer myself this statement: my total weight loss will be acceptable if it is between 22 to 66 lbs by Dec 24th which equals out to losing anywhere from 1 to 3 lbs per week. (And I am at a 30 lb loss since July 23rd as of today!)

And my promise to myself is this:

Whether I hit these goals in the time line I've listed or if it takes a little bit longer, I will celebrate the fact that every lb I lose - the healthier and happier I will be getting.

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