Saturday, October 23, 2010

Goal update (still day 93)

Goal 1: lose 10 lbs by Aug 23, 2010 - CHECK
5% of my July 23rd weight lost = 264.1 lbs CHECK 
Goal 2: get to 265 lbs - CHECK
Goal 3: get to 258 lbs by Sept 11, 2010 <-- CHECK as of Sept 18th
Goal 4: total weight loss at least 23 lbs by Sept 23, 2010 - CHECK
** 10% of my July 23rd weight lost = 250.2 lbs - CHECK 
Goal 5: get to 249 lbs by Oct 11, 2010 CHECK (248.0 actually)
Goal 6: total weight loss at least 33 lbs by Oct 23, 2010  CHECK (exactly 33 lbs lost since July 23rd)
Goal 7: get to 239 lbs by Nov 11, 2010
** 15% of my July 23rd weight lost  = 236.3 lbs
Goal 8: total weight loss at least 43 lbs by Nov 23, 2010
Goal 9: get to 229 lbs by Dec 11, 2010
Goal 10: total weight loss at least 53 lbs by Dec 24, 2010
** 20% of my July 23rd weight lost  = 222.4 lbs

I will set more goals after I have achieved these ones.  I keep playing with setting some goal as of Jan 1st, 2011 because it seems like a cool idea but I may be pushing myself as it is and I've been warned re: boot camp that I might gain weight or stay the same because I'll be building muscle and retaining more water (but I'm kind of confused about all that).

And remember:  Dec 24th will be 22 wks from when I decided I was fat as hell and not going to take it anymore.
Losing 2 lbs a wk would have me at a 44 lb loss by Dec 24th so I may be aiming a bit high.
I need to lose an average of 2.4 per wk to get to a 53 lbs total loss by Dec 24th and that means I still need to survive Halloween (plus a belated Canadian Thanksgiving that has not been re-scheduled yet) and continue to lose.

My total weight loss will be acceptable if it is between 22 to 66 lbs by Dec 24th which equals out to losing anywhere from 1 to 3 lbs per week. (although I don't think I've ever lost 3 lbs in one week).

And my promise to myself is this:

Whether I hit these goals in the time line I've listed or if it takes a little bit longer, I will celebrate the fact that every lb I lose - the healthier and happier I will be getting.


  1. I tried not to set time goals for myself because I didn't want to disappoint myself. This is my new life, not just for losing weight! (And I definitely would NOT have met those goals had I set them haha.)

  2. I have to agree with the Nazi (did I just type that? :)). Goals are fantastic to keep us motivated. Timed goals are sometimes a means of setting ourselves up for disappointment. Keep up the great work. 1-3 lbs per week is an awesome range to shoot for. It is reasonable and healthy.

  3. I've given myself the "cushion" of hitting these goals whenever I hit them but my best case scenario would be hitting them in the time line I've set.

    But yes, I agree it can be disappointing if I don't hit a goal on target (like my Sept 11th goal which I didn't hit until Sept 18th).

    @Boob Nazi & Kimberley - so how do the two of you approach goal setting?

    Aiming at certain weights or clothing sizes with no time line? Or just feeling happier, healthier and more energetic?

    I think the goal setting is one of the harder parts of this because I HATE goals and deadlines - but I decided to make some to try and keep myself more accountable since I am the QUEEN of Procrastination (though I really need to get around to getting a crown) ;)

  4. Love this! Congrats.