Saturday, October 23, 2010

Finally weighed myself - Day 93

I'm getting to the point of trying a laxative if nothing "gets moving" by today.

weight: 245.0

A lowly 0.4 loss in a week but still better than a gain.

Have decided to start counting the days I've been working on my health - I've seen that a number of bloggers do it and it might be a good idea for me as well.

So that averages out to a 0.35 loss per day or a 2.45 lb loss per wk (7 days)

Going to TO today for my naturopath appointment.  One of my BFFs and I have our appointments on the same day so that we can travel there together.

Last time with our appt length and travel and traffic, my boobs were KILLING me by the time we got back and Baby Girl was a veritable terror for her her Daddy, my poor Hubs.

So this time, Baby Girl is coming with us so I can breast feed her as needed.

No idea what Hubs will get up to today but I'd be pleasantly surprised to see the house significantly cleaner and tidier by the time I get home, though I will not be holding my breath.


  1. Thanks for driving with me! Hope that 'other idea' worked out without laxitive use!

    Teena, if you want the name of our naturopath let one of us know. She's fantastic, non-judgmental and really effective.