Sunday, September 26, 2010

Qurious about quinoa (yes, I know how to spell curious, I was having fun!)

Here's an excerpt from:

Several readers have asked me about the way I cook quinoa, which differs from the package directions. I use three parts water to one part quinoa. I cook the quinoa until the grains are fluffy and a spiral appears as the outer germ separates from each grain (15 minutes). Then I drain off the excess water through a strainer, return the quinoa to the hot saucepan, cover the pan with a towel and put the lid back on, so the quinoa will dry out and fluff.

Quinoa will cook well using two parts water to one part quinoa, but I find that the grains are fluffier if I do it my way.

I've never tried it but if anyone reading has, please let me know.

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