Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Well it's been a crazy few days

no internet access
three kids of varying moods
horny Hubs
muggy, hot weather with occasional showers
still working on healthier meals
and exercise

weight: 270.2 lbs

I bought a new scale.

It does weight, body fat percentage and hydration levels and has a 12 person memory.

My body fat percentage is 48.2 % and my hydration is low at 37.0

Also I borrowed a soft tape measure and did some of my measurements...

hips - 58
bust - 47.5
waist - 47

left upper arm - 15
neck - 15

right thigh - 33
right calf - 21.5

So, despite the fact that I want to drink myself silly so that numbers mean noting to me -- I am drinking water.

Also, Hubs tried to talk me into ordering pizza tonight and I refused so a late supper is still cooking on the stove.

1 comment:

  1. Keep up the good work girl. Don't ever give up. It's tough and frustrating and exhilerating and ispiring all at the same time.

    And it's so very worth it!